February 1, 2019

Come on Aztec - surely there's the perfect person(s) waiting out there to step up and keep TALON (The Aztec Local News) up and running.

For 25 years the best way to keep Aztec folks in touch with others, share ideas, let businesses get your attention, etc. was to pick up a free copy of TALON and browse through it over breakfast. Also a perfect way for citizen's to inform their neighbors of important births, deaths, marriages, anniversaries, and so much more.

A small town without a local paper leaves us all stranded, disengaged from each other. And it separates us from our city leaders and what plans are currently in discussion that each of us should be aware of. Here's a chance for anyone interested in a exciting new endeavor to step up to this opportunity which already has its infrastructure in place, degree not required. New ideas from a fresh perspective will make it even better.

Best to you all, and thanks to JR who kept it going to this point.

Candy Frizzell, Former TALON publisher, and hopefully not the last.


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