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Broncos Warm Up Cold Morning in Aztec


January 25, 2019

#2 Landon Frost Brings it to the net with a little help from his friends..

Broncos Warm Up Cold Morning in Aztec

Kirtland Broncos 47, Koogler Tigers 21

By Brenda Landdeck, TALON

It was a chilly Saturday morning with piles of snow still in the parking lot on January 19, 2019 when the Kirtland Broncos faced the Koogler Tigers at Jr. Tiger Arena at 9:00 am. Soon the cold morning heated up from the boys' basketball game being played as both teams incredibly worked hard inside the gym. The Broncos were on fire. The Tigers held a team laced with three-point basket shooters by displaying some impressive defense in the second quarter.

The Kirtland Broncos lead the game scoring 24 points in the first quarter with the Koogler Tigers trailing with 6 points, #24 Waylon Gilintine scored all six points the first quarter as the Tigers started the game strongly. Bronco #10 Devin Ramone scored three (amazing three-pointers) along with two points for a total of eleven points and was on fire. As was teammate #55 Elijah Grey who scored one three-point basket along with another four points. #25 Andrew Telkamp scored 2 points and #32 Sklor Woods also scored two points ending the first quarter with a score of Tigers 6, Broncos 24.

Tigers #12 Osai Garcia scored with two free throws and #52 Noah Dineyazhe scored a foul shot point as the entire team played a great defense and held strong. Allowing the Broncos to score only two points by #52 Noah Dineyazhe in the second quarter ending with a score of Tigers 9, Broncos 26.

The third quarter the basket saw a lot of action as the Broncos intensity came back full force. #10 Devin Ramone scored another two points. As #21 Shadwyn Simpson scored a beautiful three pointer along with teammate #23 Landon Begay. #32 Sklor Woods scored two points. #55 Elijah Grey also scored a free throw and another two points. Tigers #2 Landon Frost, #21 Habili Ricacardo, #24 Waylon Gilintine and #50 Zane Arpelar all scored a point each with foul shots in the third quarter ending with a score of Tigers 13, Broncos 42.

The Tigers came on strong in the final quarter as #24 Waylon Gilintine scored two points and a free throw point. #30 Markus Atencio scored two points. #50 Zane Arpelar scored two points and a foul shot point. Broncos #53 Quincy Todacheene scored an amazing three-point basket while teammate #54 Donovan Farley scored two points in the fourth. The Tigers scored eight more points while allowing the Broncos only five points and held a team on fire at bay ending the game with a score of Tigers 21, Broncos 47. A very impressive and a well-played game by all the 7th graders who should all be very proud of their team effort, win or loss because it was a good game.


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