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January 25, 2019

#40 Waylon Gilintine goes Aaleeey oooP!


by Brenda Landdeck, TALON

JV Koogler Tigers 30 JV Hermosa Matadors 29

Thursday night the 17th of January, there was an exciting competitive basketball battle at the Koogler Middle School Gymnasium. All the players from both Kooglar Middle School and Hermosa Middle School were outstanding and the crowd was greatly entertained and enthusiastically cheered loudly for both teams' great effort. It was truly a great basketball game ending in a Tigers win after a close competitive nail-biting edge of the seat game.

To start the game Tigers #10 Shane Sexton scored four points, #30 Markus Atencio scored two points, and #40 Waylon Gilintine scored two points. Matador #10 Noah Lobato scored four points. #14 Isaiah Arther scored three points, #13 Kolby Cockrell scored two points to end the first quarter with a score of Tigers 8 Matadors 9.

In the second quarter of the game Tigers #2 Landon Frost scored a point, #13 Logan Jacquez scored two points, #21 Riccardo Habili scored two points, #40 Waylon Gillintine scored one point, #42 Baylor Seabolt scored two points. Matadors #10 Noah Lobato scored five points, #12 Josh Hardy scored one point, 2nd quarter score of Tigers 12 Matadors 15

#22 Michael Norwood #13 Carson Padilla.

In the third quarter Tiger #10 Shane Sexton scored two points, #22 Michael Norwood scored two points, #40 Waylon Gillintine scored one point. Matadors #10 Noah Lobato scored two points, #15 Evan Capehart scored two points in the third quarter. #32 Logan Woods scored a point in the third. For a score of Tigers 22 Matadors 20.

In the final fourth quarter Matadors #10 Noah Lobato scored four points, #12 Josh Hardy scored two points, #13 Kolby Cockrell scored two points. Tiger #13 Logan Jacquez scored two points, #40 Waylon Gillintine scored four points, and #4 Cash Pioche tied and won the game with two free throws for a heart racing unbelievably great game.

Final score with a total of 29 turnovers, Tigers 30 Matadors 29. The crowd went wild with cheers of appreciation for an awesome game played well by everyone on both teams.


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