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January 25, 2019


As conventional wisdom holds, our national leaders can’t get the job done, and so the government shuts down leaving hundreds of thousands of citizens and workers without paychecks, service, offices, the internet, access to email, etc.

Today, every enterprise wants the nice story about themselves with big photos in the news. Meanwhile few support the newspapers and journalists which do that work. The same newspapers which exist to serve the community every enterprise depends on.

Luckily, your local newspaper doesn’t quit when the government does, because we are not a part of government. We exist to serve our readers and advertisers, but not the government. Today, in a time of need we use TALON to reach out to these affected workers, and help find them relief. This is a key part of the mission of local news, and a community service that only a local news team can provide.

We don’t want to think business enterprises are totally self absorbed. But, actionsspeak loudly. If they invest in local newspapers, they understand that growing the community grows business. If you believe community is the path to progress, walk the walk by supporting your local paper. No one knows how good your enterprise is. If you are not shouting that message from every local rooftop, don’t be shocked if business is down. Stop waiting for the boom to return, instead, advertise in your local news. Without you dear reader and advertiser, we disappear.

Recently Mayor Victor Snover worked with other leaders to organize food support for the workers affected by the shutdown. Once the details were put in place, someone said, “hey, we should get the word out!”

So folks went to their little terminals to send mass emails, share, and post post post. Unfortunately, the shutdown has also impacted much of the governments digital communication channels. OH NO! What are the lovers of free digital everything to do? Someone should call the local paper! We print regardless, and we know your name when we meet in the store, unlike your digital rep.

It’s funny sometimes how quickly conventional wisdom can shift. “Nobody reads print any more.” “Dot.com’s are the future.” “We can do it all online. and “We don’t need the media.” Until we do.

THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE SPONSORED BY YOUR LOCAL NEWS: Government workers affected by the shutdown can get Food Relief at ECHO Food Bank. ECHO is offering boxes of food for workers affected by the shutdown at 401 S. Commercial, Farmington. More information is available by calling 505-326-3770.


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