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Dear TALON - Mill Levy Election


January 25, 2019


Nancy and I were discussing the Mill Levy Election to which I was adamantly opposed. To confirm my position, I went onto the District’s web site to find more information.

I was mistaken about the $2.00 per thousand - thinking it was an increase when in fact it is a make-up from the current $1.871 mill rate (per thousand) to $2.00. This is an increase of only $0.129 per thousand which is only ADDING $17 onto my property taxes. So I’m all in!

Since I carefully read the ballot and interpreted the increase as $2.00 per mill, I suspect others have as well. That first read led me to believe I was going to pay $250.00 more each year for 6 years!

Since we ALL received ballots, it is very important that everyone understands this rather than ASS-U-ME.

Jim Dahlberg, Cedar Hill


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