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January 25, 2019


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Pilar Owens, TALON

"IT's a constantly changing puzzle, is the way I like to look at it," said Information Technology (IT) Director Wallace Begay. He grew up in Farmington and began playing with Apple and Commodore 64 computers in fifth grade. By ninth grade he knew how to program computers.

After graduation, Begay worked various jobs where he gained management experience and learned more about computers. Then almost 18 years ago he landed his current job with the city.

"When I first started here at the city we only had three (web) servers," said Begay. Now he maintains around 13 city servers, and around 140 desktops. The trouble shooting aspect of his job fascinates--and sometimes frustrates him. He described users who become discombobulated and need his help after making an unintentional click and other "gizmo jokes" that technology plays on people.

While his favorite part of his job is fixing people's tech problems or providing them with technology to make their job easier, Begay said, "I really like all my job."


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