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January 25, 2019

by TALON Staff

TALON tipsters reported that a company is telemarketing the local businesses to support Koogler Athletics. According to an employee at ASF “we are selling logos on a spirit shirt to support the Koogler athletic department. We are working with the A.D. Eric Arpelar.” As a business in the area, you may have been called. Of course TALON supports the schools, as everyone should, so we wanted to get the scoop.

TALON contacted Koogler and Koogler was very responsive and helpful, thank you! Koogler does have another fundraiser tentatively scheduled for spring, but nothing currently.After talking with Aztec schools personnel, it was determined that the schools do receive a box of tee shirts, or some free poster copies, from ASF, but, Aztec Schools gets ZERO dollars.

Businesses report that this has happened several times a year! Imagine the good if those dollars were better invested?

Invest in the schools by sending a check directly to the Aztec Municipal Schools Foundation or the booster club of your choice. It’s legit, and the students need our support. Stay tuned to TALON for details.


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