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January 18, 2019

ATOS meet at Hidden Valley Golf Course R-L Christopher Martinez, Maureen Scanlon,Greg Blayford,Victor Snover, Jeff Blackburn, Andrew Gallegos, Randy HodGe, Lawrence Gallegos, Sean Hawkins, Bobby Hawkins, Ed Strauss, Eleanor Townsend, Kelly Townsend.

By Jacque Ritchie, TALON

Disc Golf, Aztec's newest outdoor activity has landed at the Hidden Valley Golf Course and is creating a stir. Introduced in the 1970s, 'Disc Golf', is a sport very similar to golf except it is played with streamlined frisbee-like plastic discs. The same basic rules as golf apply. Each target (an elevated metal basket with hanging chains to 'catch' the disc) is assigned a number and a par rating which tells the player how many throws it should take to successfully complete. The player with the lowest score at the end of the nine or 18 basket game wins. Since its inception disc golf has steadily gained popularity. The sport currently has 2,500 courses nationwide and an estimated 7 to 10 million people who have played the sport. (discgolf.com)

"We got the baskets out there in the first part of December and we had more disc golfers out there in December than we had regular golfers." Local restaurateur Randy Hodge told a group of Aztec Trails and Open Spaces (ATOS) members and friends at Ruby's in the Valley on January 15. The group of around a dozen folks gathered at the golf course bar and grill for the non-profit's monthly meeting.

ATOS recently purchased the baskets for $3000. They entered into an agreement with Hodge to place the portable baskets at the city's municipal golf course while ATOS retains ownership of the baskets. Hodge is currently contracted to oversee the operation of the city's golf course.

The new 18 basket course is unique to any in the state because, according to Hodge it is the only disc golf course that is actually located on a traditional golf course. Disc golfers must pay a $5 "greens fee" to use the course. The location offers amenities most disc golfers are totally unused to such as, access to golf-carts ($5 per nine holes) and refreshments (including adult beverages) available for sale. With rare exceptions, disc golf courses are located at public parks and outdoor spaces that prohibit alcohol and often frown on motorized vehicles cruising around.

Disc Golf is an inexpensive hobby. The discs are designed slightly differently for distance and wind conditions and range in price from $2 to $70 for a set. A starter set of four discs and a carrying case can be purchased for under $50. For those who may want to give the sport a try but do not have the proper equipment, disc rentals will be available at the course within 30 days.

Eric Russell is the director of the disc golf course, "We have had a real positive response...the beauty part is, now we have a whole 'nother group of people interested in keeping the course open."

During the January 15, ATOS meeting Hodge took a moment to 'call-out' TALON for unspecified inaccuracy in a recent TALON article (City Re-Considers Golf 12/14/18).

During a January 17 follow-up meeting with Mr. Hodge and TALON, it was discovered that while the reporting was correct, the date on the executed lease agreement did not reflect the understanding of the signers. The expiration date of the current Aztec Municipal Golf Course Lease as written (and as reported) is February 28, 2019. Hodge has contacted City Manager Steve Mueller and expects the correction on existing documents should, "be an easy fix."


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