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January 18, 2019

by Pilar Owens, TALON

Police body armor expires every five years. Bloomfield Police officers wear armor from 2014.

The officers are required to wear the Kevlar bullet proof vests every time they are on duty or on special assignment. The vest "Keeps the bullet outside you," explained interim Chief Randon Matthews.

Suzanne Moore, who has various roles at the Bloomfield Police Department (BPD), has taken on the task of grant writing for them.

Several months ago, Chief Matthews asked her to apply for a grant for new body armor through Firehouse Subs. Moore did. On January 7th, she received an email from Firehouse Subs. They awarded BPD $24,897.50 for 23 sets of body armor and accessories. This will provide light, up-to-date, quality protection for BPD's 13 sworn officers, five reserve officers, and three cadets.

BPD partnered with Workforce Solutions to pay for half of the cadet's salaries and to help pay for their education at the law enforcement academy. BPD has also received help from the community. A private donor gifted BPD with $1800 to fund their STOPit app program.

They're in the final stage of the process for receiving the Gary Sinise Foundation First Responder Grant. The $31,328 grant will fund the purchase of 16 Lenovo laptops. Also in the works is a $2,634.57 grant from Big R for 16 quality flashlights and holsters.

By the end of the year, Chief Matthews hopes to have left around $80,000 in BPD's budget due to grants. BPD has recently been under scrutiny by the City of Bloomfield because of their large share in the city's budget. "It's been challenging but we've been outside the box and found ways to enhance the safety of officers."


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