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January 11, 2019

Lime green Mustang belonging to Billy Wood

by TALON Staff

If you build it, they will come. Most recognize that as the defining quote from the baseball themed movie, Field of Dreams. Locally, there is an often-overlooked sport whose enthusiasts have their own dream, a street racing track. Troy Bible has been working towards this goal for years. Now it seems that it is on the verge of finally becoming a reality. While the location remains undisclosed, suffice it to say that it will be central for San Juan County and surrounding area residents. And, is not the formerly, and perhaps ongoing, development of a track on Sims highway.

There was a period of time that Bible and fellow car enthusiasts thought that the Aztec Municipal Airport would provide the Four Corners area with the venue they desire. A place for people to gather, host events and offer a safe, controlled setting for racing. Some may remember the Wings and Wheels event that took place there, featuring airplanes and street racing. Jason and Aleta Moberg agree, "The response was great and it was growing fast! (There are) So many cars here and so many people- they were just starting to come out of the woodwork". Volunteers had invested time and money believing they would have use of the location indefinitely. Unfortunately, that was not the case. And, sadly, about the time that the racing community learned about the change in circumstances that prohibited further use of the airport, Troy learned that he had cancer.

Troy's confrontation with cancer did not change his vision. In fact, he feels like his passion for developing a track has kept him going. Andy Hensley has the opportunity to visit with Troy on a regular basis through their mutual interests and Voodoo Speed and Machine, a machine shop that Hensley operates with multiple partners. Hensley professes, (Troy) "Just wants to do it to give to others". And, admits, (I) "Really admire him for attempting it again".

What would cause an individual, or even a group, to have such a commitment to a project? The Mobergs confirm that car enthusiasts strive to get racing off the streets. The loss of lives, damage of property and expended energy and expense by city, county and legal entities addressing street racing could be significantly impacted by having a legal option to express the need for speed. Jason is a "tech" for events, assuring that participants are safe for the track. He jokes, "You're always going to have a hater". But, having a track could promote local commerce and benefit everyone. Hensley comments that, (It's) "Very exciting for me to have something like that come to us locally, because I've always spent so much time and money to travel to enjoy it (racing). To have it locally would be spectacular!"

Yellow truck belonging to Jason and Aleta Moberg

Once the lease for the new location is in hand Bible plans to host a barbeque, to allow the community to explore the location and share the vision for the future. Hensley alluded to the possibility of the "drag strip" evolving into a Motorplex, accommodating multiple use of the property.

Shows like Street Outlaws and its spinoffs may not depict the most positive image of street racers. However, culturally, people recognize the influence of reality shows and social media. This may be especially profound on younger individuals. Bible, and fellow enthusiasts are attempting to offer a positive, safe, and legal, alternative. Jason believes it will be the basis for, "Great things as far as bringing community and like-minded individuals that have a desire to work on their passion (together)". He suspects there are hundreds of cars tucked in garages waiting for someplace to run. Mosley concurs, (We) "Can't eliminate street racing but this gives a legal, safe option".


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