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January 11, 2019

By David Edward Alright, Talon

On the night of December 18, tires were slashed on three vehicles parked in the Cottonwood Apartments parking lot, a component of Invigorate Post Acute of Aztec (formerly Good Samaritan Nursing facility.) According to the Aztec Police Department only two vehicles, a red Dodge pickup and a Subaru Forrester were vandalized, and appear on the official report. However, TALON spoke with Mrs. Mary Schmidt, 89, who’s 2012 Ford Focus was also targeted, with the front and rear passenger-side tires destroyed beyond repair.

Aztec Police Captain Troy Morris said without any video cameras and no evidence found at the scene, no suspects exist. Mary said the parking lot was unlit at the time of the incident, but that has been corrected by Good Samaritan. “We have nice bright lights out there now,” Mary explained, “Every once in awhile they would be on for a night, then they wouldn’t be on again.” Mary has been a resident at the independent-living facility since October 2017, and nothing like this has occurred. At 89, Mary was very active with golfing and bowling until 2014, she is still vibrant and only uses a walker as needed.

Aztec Police Captain Morris said he’s not seen an increase in vandalism in Aztec over the past year. “What you’ll find with vandalism and even auto burglaries is they kind of come in waves, they hit for a short time, then it goes away.” There was another tire slashing reported on January 4, 2019, at 1114 West Aztec Boulevard #1, between the Aztec Schools Administration building and the adjacent mobile home park.

Anyone who has information about these cases is requested to call the Aztec Police non-emergency dispatch number, 334-6622.


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