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January 11, 2019

by Pilar Owens, TALON

Hilcorp Energy, a privately held company that produces oil and natural gas, operates 11,777 wells in the San Juan Basin. They employ 1,989 people. Three hundred eighty-five of those employees work in the Aztec office, (formerly the XTO building in Bloomfield.) One hundred twenty-seven of those employees live at an 87410 zip code. Hilcorp operates 96 wells in the Aztec city limits.

Tuesday night, three gentlemen from Hilcorp sat with the city commissioners, manager, and attorney, and discussed Hilcorp’s presence in the area, particularly Aztec, and informed them about Hilcorp’s operating procedures.

The Hilcorp reps used the projector and screen in the city commission room to show informational slides to the attendees of the workshop.

The first rep introduced the company by sharing stats about its beginning, internal organization, and core values. The next rep outlined the workover process, which takes place at wells with problems like failed tubing. The fix could take as long as week, and requires a workover rig. Of the rigs, the rep acknowledged, “They’re not the most quiet thing in the world.” He also outlined the three phase recomplete process, which converts an existing well into a well with two reservoirs.

Mayor Victor Snover had to close the workshop at 6 p.m. so the commission meeting could start. Snover called the workshop “a very gentle scratch to the surface” of what he wants and needs to know about Hilcorp and about the oil and natural gas industry in general.


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