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January 11, 2019


Due to the extremely cold temps we have been experiencing, The City of Aztec has asked Water Customers to let faucets drip during periods of extreme cold. Leaving faucets dripping can prevent costly freeze damage to customer plumbing. City of Aztec will issue a $3 credit (about 1.000 gallons) on the January 23, 2019 billing cycle.


Aztec Municipal Schools will participate in an Election in February to renew property tax MILL rates in support of school budget. Date of election has not been announced at this time. GET OUT AND VOTE.


Members of the Aztec community have suggested TALON take nominations and run a contest for the best snow removal by a business, individual or organization. Please call or email TALON to submit your nominations.


Aztec Economic Development Board (EDAB) will meet Thursday, January 17th, 8 am, at Aztec City Hall. Community stakeholders, businesses, and property owners are invited to attend. EDAB recommends development projects designed to enhance growth to City Commission.


Aztec’s Lodgers Tax Board (LTAB) meets Monday January 21st, 2 pm at Aztec City Hall. This is a public meeting. LTAB supports projects designed to enhance tourism in the Aztec area.


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