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January 11, 2019

by Pilar Owens, TALON

The city commission room buzzed with conversation as citizens settled in at Tuesday night’s commission meeting. After completing the opening rituals Commissioners Mark Lewis, Austin Randall, Sherri Sipe, Rosalyn Fry, and Mayor Victor Snover quickly approved the agenda and moved into the Citizen Recognition portion of the night.

Projects Mananger Ed Kotyk awarded the light contest winners their plaques. One business and one resident were unavailable to receive their plaques at the meetings so, Kotyk will deliver them in person.

During Employee Recognition, Mayor Snover related a positive experience he had with a couple of public works employees.

Two women approached the podium, one at time, during Citizens Input. The first lady expressed her love of living in Aztec, but wanted to share a “big issue”: it had been 11 days since her trash was collected. This is a recurring issue, and she said they celebrate when the trash gets picked up on Fridays like it’s supposed to.

Lack of communication between the Farmers Irrigation District (District) and the land owners, combined with the District’s apparent lack of standards has another family deeply concerned. City Manager Steve Mueller took responsibility to look into both of the citizen’s issues.

The commissioners approved the six consent agenda items: minutes for the December 11 meeting and workshop, Ambulance Service Agreement, Reservoir #1 Evaluation contract award to Bohannan Huston Inc., 2019 YCC Service Agreement, and Sewer Reconstruction Change Order #2.

The commissioners approved the two business items, 5-0 for each: Final adoption of ordinances 2018-487 zoning for medical cannabis and marijuana dispensaries and ordinance 2018-488 amending chapter 16 of city code for municipal airport fees.

Community Development Director Steven Saavedra explained that Laramie Hardin’s variance request to change the front setback from 25 feet to zero feet of his property between Miss Gail’s Inn and a residence is unnecessary. However, it’s in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood, and would put parking at the rear of the property instead of the front. Overall it would maintaini the aesthetics of the area. Hardin plans to put two duplexes on the property. The commissioners approved the variance 5-0.

The meeting ended on a somber note when Municipal Judge Carlton Gray informed the commissioners that he’ll be attending a State of the Judiciary Hearing where it will be decided if municipal courts will still be required or not.

The meeting moved into closed session, and citizens poured out into the night.


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