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January 4, 2019


There is a presence about the Four Corners area, the “three cities” or “triangle” if you will, combines a vortex many call it a magnetic force. In these cities and towns there are men who serve these communities.

Look at the Fire department, Police, Sherriffs, EMT’s, all backed up by State Troopers, all put their lives on the line to protect all of us. Most of all, to serve. As I have seen in my life, they will help you rather than hurt you.

They have families. It is a job. No-one can place blame on them. They are strong, and without a doubt, they are human, just as we all are. Which means imperfection.

The big BUT is, there are those who hate them. Righteousness, which leads them to greatness which makes a good man kind.

Many shiver in thier shorts about thier presence, but that is why we put our faith not just in almighty God, but why God distributes them to help us when we are in the most need.

Thank you: Police, Fire Department, Soldiers and all First Responders ! That is their whole goal, to keep us all safe.

God bless them all,

David Payne, Aztec


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