January 4, 2019

Photo and story by Pilar Owens, TALON

"I'm from Buena Vista Colorado," stated Recycling Supervisor Tristan Olguin, who's used to more frequent snow than Aztec gets. He moved to Aztec because he knew some people here, and decided to stay. That was 18 years ago.

His first job with the city was as a temporary worker in the public works department. They hired him full time. About three years later Olguin transferred to the parks department. Eight years after that he got promoted to supervisor.

In addition to overseeing Aztec's recycle center, he also oversees the splash park, supervises the city's three custodians, and maintains city buildings. "Usually I'm doing work orders that the other city departments put out," said Olguin to explain what a typical day looks like for him. He could be fixing sinks, changing lights, replacing water heaters, or working on plumbing in city buildings--home maintenance on a large scale. "Whatever people need, I'm kind of the go-to guy," he chuckled. Which can be a challenging situation, since he's the only maintenance man on the city's team. Given enough time, Olguin said he can take care of everything he's tasked with, and rarely needs help from his fellow parks department employees. However, "I like everybody that works with the city," he said, "so it's good to interact with them, and to serve them."

Recycling Supervisor Tristan Olguin


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