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See Something, Say Something- What is it?


January 4, 2019


In the days, weeks, and months after the shooting, Aztec and surrounding communities rallied together, and have continued to bond by the new motto: #Aztec Strong. 

It's a phrase that's come to symbolize the resilience and strength shown by members of the Aztec community following an unthinkable tragedy of last year. As we mark the anniversary, "traumatic memories are likely to resurface for many with the understanding that everyone heals differently", says Desert View Family Counseling CEO, Rick Quevedo. "It's important for students to know that even after time has passed, it's okay to still be in the healing process. The best thing parents can do is reassure their kids that they're not alone". 

This year the Aztec schools rolled out "See Something Say Something" to our community as several other school districts in our County followed. When it comes to threats of violence or suicide, most incidents are known by at least one other individual BEFORE the incident occurs. Quevedo goes on to say that due to the many platforms of the digital world, students are learning about threats via social media. Say Something teaches students, grades 6-12, how to look for warning signs, signals and threats, especially on social media, of an individual who may be a threat to themselves or others and be able to report it to a trusted adult.

How Does This Program Work?

Say Something is a no-cost, easy-to-implement, and life-saving program that can be delivered in classes or assemblies. Training takes 50 minutes or less. This program also has a phone app that is easy for students or faculty to use. From the app, a student can enter their school location; if a student suspects any warning or threats, there is a dropdown box from the app that includes: active shooter, alcohol possession or use, anger issues, bullying/cyber bullying/ teasing, cutting self-harm, drug use or possession, on or off campus fighting, sexting, suicide/ suicide ideation and several other threats that could be reportable.

"This app is only a tool", Quevedo emphasizes, "and is not to replace any opportunity to have these important conversations face to face with your child". The challenge continues to be that not all children or students are assertive enough and feel safe or confident to "tell an adult" much less use this app. Quevedo said, "it starts with having these conversations with our children every chance we get".

"While we teach our children to listen to their own inner voice, we often train children to also be obedient and compliant; we train them to listen and conform to authority. So, for most students who already have trouble expressing themselves (out of fear or uncertainty) the path of least resistance, tends to be their path... even it means pushing their own ideas, expressions or fears aside".

They say teachable moments are everywhere, but sometimes life gets busy and those moments can be difficult to grasp; slow down and enjoy the small moments of life and practice the skills that will give your child a confident voice – letting them know its okay to speak the fears or concerns they have on their mind.

"Our work as a parent is never done", Quevedo reminds us. "Continue to have these conversations with your child, about asking the right questions, and teaching them what it means to be assertive, and who they can talk to". Look at the app on line together and see if its something you or your child would be comfortable using. The actual website offers a learning guide for parents and several short videos to show you and your student how the app is properly used. It offers tips and tools for safety and certainty can make all of us more aware".

For any student or family who is still struggling with the shooting a year later, its okay, we all process tragedy and grief differently. Or if you have any other emotional concerns your family may be dealing with- Desert View is here to serve your family or student. Please call us 505-326-7878 to find out more information or about our services or please visit our website at http://www.mydesertview.org.


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