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DEAR TALON - Support for Carpenter


December 28, 2018


Superintendent Kirk Carpenter is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever known.

As a retired custodian of AHS I’ve had the priviledge of knowing him for the past 37 years. When I became an employee at AHS, he was one of the teachers in the buildings I worked in. He always treated everyone with respect and as equals. Co-workers, students, parents and everyone I saw him in contact with. He always took the time to listen when needed and was never judgemental. He backed and helped everyone.

He was a wonderful Principal at AHS. Whenever there was a problem he took care of it. And was always there for fellow staff and students.

When Kirk became Superintendent he would make sure to come communicate and touch base with the custodians, asking if there was anything he could do to make our job easier and to commend us on jobs welll done.

Whenever we crossed paths in public he would always take time to ask how I was doing. I spent 26 years working with Kirk and 11 years later, he still stops me and takes the time to ask how I am doing.

Kirk Carpenter has always been fair to everyone he is in contact with.

Kirk Carpenter does have one flaw. He will take full blame for incidences that happens at any of the Aztec Public Schools even tho other administrators at each school are responsible for certain issues.

I feel Superintendent Carpenter took care of the issues involving James Coulter and students the best he could under the circumstances, with the knowledge that was presented to him by the people involved.

So if you are looking for a better person to supervise Aztec Public Schools, Good Luck....You will definitely need it!

Blame the person directly involved...James Coulter


Ruth A. Jones, Stateline/ Cedar Hill


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