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DEAR TALON - Educators or Investigators?


December 28, 2018


I would like to know if our school district are educators or investigators.

It would seem to me that state law requires suspected child sexual abuse to be reported to the police. Not investigated by the school district, again educators not investigators. Farmington school district reports all suspect cases to the police and they investigate. The investigation of this type is outside the scope and ability of the school district but is done on a regular basis.

The Aztec School district has a pitiful record as educators, just look at this year’s district school grades. They have now left no doubt that they are as bad at investigation as they are at education. It is now time to take a hard look at the Districts leadership, from its in battled superintendent, the board itself and it’s School administrators. We need to know first why the superintendent took it upon himself to investigate these charges, what laws he broke in doing so and what penalty he should face besides removal from office. We also need to know when the school board became aware of these actions and hold them accountable as well for failure to report if that be the case. Finally, we need to know who in the administration reported these incidences and discover if they reported suspicion of sexual abuse to a minor.

We expect our children to learn to follow the law. But when it appears that the head educator, the school board and the school administrators take the law into their own hands and investigate instead of doing what they are paid to do, educate. I find it hard to hold our children accountable for their behavior.

Tom Ballew


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