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December 28, 2018

Ms. Shepherd waves to fans from the motorcade - PHOTO B. Landdeck, Special to TALON

Story and Photos by Brenda Landdeck, Special to TALON

The lovely Tinkerbell of country music with the voice of an angel, Chevel Shepherd returned home from winning The Voice on Saturday. Contagious enthusiasm and goodwill filled the streets of Aztec as folks gathered to welcome the young superstar back home with smiles, shouts and signs as they lined her route into Farmington, New Mexico for the first time. Apparently, a small plane brought her to Aztec where she took a limousine to the starting point of the parade with the KOB 4 Chopper following her like a faithful puppy dog. Many told stories of her family and where they had seen them last and how proud they all are she won. Maybe it was letting the world know New Mexico is part of the United States is part of what everyone loves about her. As the streets were lined with love in Aztec, New Mexico her face shined with pure joy, and it was beautiful. Welcome home! Congratulations Chevel Shepherd!


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