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December 28, 2018

by Pilar Owens, TALON

It’s possible that the Aztec Boys and Girls Club (BGC) will merge their hierarchy with the Farmington and Bloomfield clubs. The Boys and Girls Club of America, the parent organization of the individual clubs across the country, supports clubs merging, and currently doesn’t allow new clubs to open independently if they’re within 50 miles of another club.

The Tri-cities club’s boards have been talking about merging for over a year. Bloomfield and Farmington are ready and moving towards combining their hierarchies. According to Mike Patch, Aztec BGC executive officer and spokesman, the main benefit of combining is they become one entity benefiting from the generosity of donors instead of separate clubs individually receiving from the same donors. A merger consolidates finances, while maintaining the club’s separate locations. Bloomfield has already been operating under and benefiting from the leadership of Farmington, according to Patch. He said Aztec wants to and could benefit from merging with Farmington and Bloomfield, but is working on internal issues dealing with liability, and so prudently is waiting for a better time to merge.

In the meantime, Aztec BGC continues to collaborate with Farmington and Bloomfield on fundraisers such as San Juan County’s Mayor’s Ball, and on sports leagues such as basketball and volleyball. They’ll also continue to provide a nurturing environment in Aztec for kids to go to after school and on school vacations.


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