Coach Anna Strauss:


December 21, 2018

Coach Strauss shows an album of cards and notes sent to AHS students and staff following the tragedy.-PHOTO-TALON

Coach Anna Strauss:

by TALON Staff

For AHS Gym Teacher and Head Volleyball/ Coach Anna Strauss, the question of what does being Aztec Strong mean, is a complicated one, "It's a tough one, even now there are so many emotions...This has been my home for 33 and a half years." Strauss told TALON, "I knew it when I got back on campus after Thanksgiving...I felt it, there was something in the air. It's hard to explain... it's like, we all came back with anxious heavy hearts," Like the young athletes she mentors Strauss rallied and explained, "I would say being Aztec Strong means being resilient and just being young men and women and adults of integrity in all aspects of life. Just trying to do the right thing and overcoming adversity. We all have to deal with adversity in our lives and the hope is we can develop a sense of community and family and we can use that, we can draw strength." Strauss sighed and pointed to the piece of poster board that still covers a window in a door to her classroom. She hung it there that day, so if the gunman had come down her hallway, he could not see inside her classroom, "My emotions have been everywhere. For now, I just need to leave it there," she said of the makeshift curtain.

According to Coach Strauss, while the events of December 7, 2017 may have changed the mood on campus "It feels different, but in a way it's brought everybody closer together as a family...Everybody really takes care of each other and they pay a little more attention to how everyone is feeling...The unimaginable happened...Our kids are just the best! I am so proud of them, they are amazing. I couldn't be prouder." As our students venture forward into adulthood, how will this experience shape them? "As hard as it is, what kind of person you become is a choice...There are two things we have control of, one is attitude and the other is effort, and how they choose to use those things going forward is what they will ultimately take away from this."


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