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December 14, 2018

GO! HO! HO! HO! 2-18 Santa Dash Runners start the race at this annual favorite-PHOTO BY SHEILA CHAPMAN-SPECIAL TO TALON.

by Pilar Owens, TALON

Runners dressed like Santa (some wearing red hats, some wearing red shirts) toed the starting line on Main Street last Saturday morning. At the signal, they began the five kilometer course which took them down Main Street headed south, through Riverside Park, under the bridge, to the Ruins, and back into town to the finish line near City Hall.

The run, hosted by Aztec Trails and Open Spaces (ATOS), is a fundraiser for the group. They raised $470 from registration fees for the event. ATOS member Wallace Begay wrote in an email exchange with TALON, "The money raised will help for promoting more outdoor activities, like frisbee golf, motocross, walking / bike trails in the Aztec area." Volunteers from ATOS, Aztec Ruins, Aztec High School JROTC, Public Works and Parks and Recreation employees, and the Aztec police, made the run possible. "These members of the community helped to ensuring the course path and safety of our participants," wrote Begay.

Top Santa Dash-ers (name, time):

Youth Female:

1. Sierra Villanueva, 22:47; 10

2. Autumn Villanueva, 26:39

3. Aspen Murphy, 36:57

Adult Female:

1. Starla Yellowman, 29:29

2. Erin Atkinson, 30:37

3. Melissa Villanueva, 31:10

Youth Male (only two entrants):

1. Andrew Day, 18:26

2. Danny Mikel-Royce, 24:23

Adult Male:

1. Michael O'Hare, 19:56

2. Jimmy Jaramillo, 22:50

3. Warren Oliver, 25:52


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