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December 14, 2018


After years of traveling abroad, Avery Sutton is happy to return to the comfort of his home in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, almost nothing is as he remembers it.

The entire house is titlted at a distinct angle, the dog hasn't been fed in five years, and Avery's grandmother, who everyone thought was dead,is still alive and kicking.

Forced to either accept the oddities of his family, or leave them behind, 37 Postcards suggests that you can, in fact, go home again.. You just never know what you're going to find. Adult content. Local thespians are at it again with the Sunflower Troupe's presentation of the play 37 Postcards , a zany family comedy written by Michael McKeever and directed by Peggy Tennyson. The show dates are December 13th – 15th starting at 7:30 pm, and December 16th at 2:pm.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at http://www.sunflowertheatre.org

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