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December 7, 2018

"I've always had a passion for the elderly and people with special needs...," said Cindy Iacovetto. She got her first job when she was 12-years-old, taking care of an elderly lady. When Iacovetto was 14 she would hitchhike 21 miles to work at a nursing home. In 1987 she came here. After graduating from beauty college she owned a beauty shop for 25 years. Then eight and a half years ago, she became Aztec's Community Center (ACC) director.

"A lot of people have (a)...misconception of, everyday life here at the center, but it's not about dominoes!" laughed Iacovetto. While she has many duties, her main job is to provide a safe place for seniors to do activities and eat the noon meal. So she has to assess the center's needs, and then secure funding for it. You've helped her do this if you've voted yes on General Obligation Bonds benefitting senior centers. Another way to help is to donate money to buy food for the center's lunch program. Qualified seniors can buy lunch at the center for $3; people younger than 60 can buy lunch for $6. Five days a week at the ACC they cook over 100 lunches, including 90 which they deliver to home clients. Plus, they make, freeze, and deliver meals to home clients on the weekends. "My staff is amazing," said Iacovetto, "You really have to have a heart for this work."


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