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December 7, 2018


by David Edward Albright, TALON

"It's a short story...I was outside my office...I go outside and I see a big flaming ball in the sky and it went into a cloud, and I didn't see it come out of the cloud...I'm looking to see if there are more," Naprapathic Doctor Portia Sykes excitedly related about her sighting viewed from her Flora Vista office. She described it as a "big flaming thing---on fire---and it went into a cloud and I didn't see it come back out, so I don't know maybe it broke up---I don't know".

The medium-sized flaming red fireball, coming from the direction of Farmington toward Flora Vista was in a desending trajectory when it disappeared in a big cloud. "This is not a UFO story," she said about the inexplicable occurance, she witnessed the afternoon of Friday, November 30, 2018. "I did stand there for awhile---looking up in the sky, looking for more." Who wouldn't want to see more and know more about such a sight! This reporter could relate and shared his experience seeing a green ball with a white tail shooting across the sky and suddenly flaming out over the Farmington sky---years ago.

Portia recalled another unforgettable sighting when returning from a trip to Arizona about twelve years ago. As her family neared Farmington on the Bisti Highway route, they saw a remarkable sight. "We were coming down the hill and there was something (a huge bright light) hovering above Farmington---it didn't move. We stopped the car got out and---stared at it." Looking back, she wonders if it might have been a giant drone, but acknowledged that they weren't so common back then.

We joked-(or did we?)---a little about 'black budget' government projects and advanced technology, but didn't get too deep. "Be careful, my phone's probably tapped already...I'm writing a book that's going to save the world---I gotta be careful," she laughed. Who knows---Doctor Sykes may somehow incorporate the stunning red fireball sighting into her book.


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