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December 7, 2018

Ready to Cut the Ribbon.

by David Edward Albright, TALON

A ribbon cutting ceremony for Lee Acres Fire Station #2 was held at 2:00pm on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. A large contingent of San Juan County Firefighters, dignitaries and community members were present. County Commission Chairman, Margaret McDaniel opened the event stating, "This station is unique for San Juan County Fire as it is only the third station out of twenty-three with living quarters for volunteers...so that's pretty impressive---we're grateful for that." She stated that the completion of the station will bring more state funds to help purchase more equipment and provide better service to the area.

Located at 433 Road 5500 Bloomfield, the fire station housing three apparatus (engines/equipment), will serve about 3,500 structures and more than 8,000 people in the West Hammond area. Identified as an under-served area, a second station was needed to increase protection to supplement Lee Acres District Station #1.

County Fire Chief, Craig Daugherty began his presentation by saying of Chairman McDaniel, "She's been one of the champions for the fire department and I want to thank her very much." He recognized other officials including, Commissioner Jim Crowley, Scott Eckstein, who was on the commission when the $7 million dollar bond (funding two new stations) was voted on. He said it enabled the purchase of 15 apparatus and a remodel in Kirtland to include living quarters. "We've been able to really maximize that money...we still have a few dollars to spend on that bond." He said, "To the community---this is your building---we're just the stewards of this building...public money built this...and hopefully we serve you well."

He said it was good to be able to celebrate as, "the fire department has been through quite a few tragedies in the last year; we've lost some of our volunteers due to sickness...and a lot of us have had to wear these uniforms for tragic events". The family of Linda Carey, who have volunteered in Lee Acres for twenty-seven years, her husband George and son, Mike and his wife Linda, along their daughter, Michelle---all in attendance were recognized by the Chief. Also at the event, previous Fire Chief Hatfield, was acknowledged for his "vision" in determining where more stations were needed in the county. He thanked the various county offices: the CEO, legal counsel, purchasing, finance, public works, and all other departments, including facilities, who helped make the "project come together".

Firehouse Ribbon Cutting.

The Chief recognized his paid staff including: Deputy Chief John Mohler; Division Chiefs: Chris Cardin, David Yows, Kevin Jones, David Vega, Laura Hensley and Jordan Richards; also, office staff, Tiffany Akin and Marie Jones. He also pointed out the District volunteer personnel in attendance. In closing, he said, "This building---without these extraordinary individuals---is just a building; they dedicate a whole lot of their time to serve this community. We call this a Firehouse because it truly is a home, not just a fire station...where brothers and sisters of the fire service respond to help their neighbors and the community when they're in a time of need. These individuals are often taken for granted because they're volunteers...people forget the service they provide." He also recognized their families. Rousing applause filled the large metal facility, now ready for operation.


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