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November 30, 2018


As we remember the past year, one chilly morning in December sadly stands out. On December 7, 2017, two innocent young lives were cut short in a senseless act of violence at Aztec High School. While we, as a community shared feelings of shock, horror and grief and shall always remember those we lost, we as Aztecans, are determined to go forward in a positive way, refusing to be defined by this tragic event. The TALON staff asked folks around town; What does being Aztec Strong mean to you?

Mayor Victor Snover: Aztec Strong, in my mind is to always view one another through a lens of love and compassion and empathy. When we take that approach there isn't any mountain or setback or tragedy that we can't overcome when we stick together as a community Aztec Strong!

AHS Athletics and Activities Director Bryan Sanders: Being Aztec Strong is about overcoming adversity. It is the fact that our students, staff and community stood together to come back after the tragedy of December 7, 2017 and be a stronger more united body. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, it was our student-athletes getting back on the court or the mat. This in itself was a victory! It was our staff and students coming back to school and going to classes. This is a victory! Aztec Strong is overcoming fear and anxiety to move forward and be a better person as an individual and being a better school and community. Aztec Strong is the community of Aztec as well as the whole Four Corners area coming together to love and support each other through a tragedy.

Police Chief Mike Heal: That this one incident will not define who we are as a city or as a school. As we "Heal" together we will move forward making our community better and stronger as we united as one in purpose, spirit and strength!


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