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November 30, 2018

December 7, 2018

Hard to believe it has been a year. Our Thank you today, is no less sincere to each and every one of you for your support and comfort to our students, staff and district for helping us through our tragedy on December 7, 2017. It will forever be a day we remember, but we have all the ability and full control of what we do with this day as we move forward. We will never forget our forever Tigers and heroes Casey and Paco, who gave their lives and time to their classmates. Their Legacy will never go away and it is up to us to carry it on. That is why we must continue to be more united and stronger every day. God Bless them, all of our students across this country and God Bless our Aztec Tigers!

In a week, December 7th will be upon us and we recognize that everyone on this day will need to deal with it in their own unique way. We honor that and respect that though we went through this as a family, each person will need to deal with this individually. What we know is that we will be in school, we will be together and we will be there for each other. For those that need support, they will have plenty of that as well. The one thing that everyone will have in common is this will be the first anniversary of December 7, 2017. With that, we will build on that commonality and as I said before, we will rally around our students and staff and we will be there with and for each other.

The best way to deal with events that are emotional is to be with family and that is exactly the way Aztec High School is going to approach December 7, 2018 with what we are referring to as: Walk Up - Step Up - Speak Up. When many students walked out of school, ours walked up and stepped up to be a part of the solution to help making schools safer across our country. Now with our implementation of Sandy Hook programs, we are continuing the work in creating safer schools by having students speak up.

Student Council, Coach Strauss, and Dr. Hall have come together to create a meaningful day for our students on December 7. The day will begin with an awesome assembly, community breakfast, and student group art project. This will involve having families, students, first responders, and other district staff. Because of the tremendous support that we received from the Governor and Secretary of Education, they too have been sent an invitation.

Our class schedule will begin at 9:30am, and conclude at the regular time of 3:22pm. Classes will be thirty-eight minutes long. We have challenged our teachers to get creative and to step out of their norm. Every teacher has strengths and passions that they would like to teach, so we have encouraged them to do this on this day. You might say we are giving teachers permission to teach a lesson that they have always wanted to teach, but haven't been able to find a way to quite fit into their curriculum. Creativity at its' best.

This day is important for all of our students, those that were there last year, and those new to our district along with our incoming freshmen. It is a balancing act of sorts, but the most important thing, is to have a day of remembrance for Casey and Paco, a day of celebration as we continue to heal and get stronger, and that the day provide harmony so we can become stronger and more united. What we want is a day full of energy and passion for healing, teaching and learning.

Tragedies always bring communities together, and this one was no different. In our community, nothing should ever take the unity away. If it does, that is an individual choice of which we have full control of. December 7, 2017 will not ever defeat us or define us, because we are AZTEC STRONG. That is who we are and forever will be. The unity, strength, passion, love and togetherness that we had this time last year, must always be the same. We must not ever let it go away. This is not something that will fade away because of who we are in Aztec and San Juan County.



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