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November 30, 2018

Backhoe operator Eddie Rodriguez makes short work of nuisance property in Aztec.

by Jacque Ritchie, TALON

There's a bit of wilderness left in the middle of Aztec. On the north east side of the Animas just off the bridge, is a grassy stretch of land covered in ancient cottonwood. Locals know it as a favorite deer-hangout and a place to find fire wood or take a walk on the wild side. What many folks don't know is that hidden in the trees was a public health and safety hazard. In a small clearing stood two abandoned trailers an outbuilding and a mountain of trash. "The trailers had been basically left to rot," said Aztec Code Compliance and Information Officer Andrew DiCamillo. "The biggest reason for the demolition, was it was inhabitable, there were no utilties and it was in a serious state of disrepair." Di Camillo explained that the property had become a public health hazard, "It was unsecured and we have information that there had been somebody staying in there as recently as last April. According to DiCamillo his office was made aware of the problem by Aztec Police Department. "APD had been dealing with the property for a while for a variety of reasons, they came to us and we moved forward with the inspection process." Upon inspection DiCamarillo found conditions so poor, he judged the buildings beyond repair, "When we entered the smell was overpowering and there was black mold, and as you probably know, that kind of mold is extremely dangerous." DiCamillo said, "The beauty-part is that when we contacted the owners, they were very compliant...they wanted to do whatever was necessary to remedy the situation, so demo and clean-up didn't cost the city a penny." When researching the property DiCamillo discovered that the land belonged to two sisters from California who had recieved the land as part of the estate of their recently deceased father, "Before he passed, they were unaware that it (the land) even existed, so they didn't even know there was a problem...when I contacted them they were more than happy to do whatever they had to do to make it ready for sale."

Mike Boyd and Eddie Rodriguez were contracted to do the demolition, "We are here to tear down two trailers and clean up an approximate one-acre area on the property, the city ordered it, they said it was a nuisance property and a fire hazard," Boyd said matter-of-factly. "Yeah, it was really filthy, you could tell there were some druggies, probably meth-heads in there. There were glass pipes and other drug paraphenalia around and just piles of clothes and garbage out back." Boyd described finding animal waste in one of the trailers, "It apppears someone may have left an animal locked up in there for a while, we found a dead dog over there," Boyd shook his head sadly, motioning to the edge of the tree-lined clearing. According to Boyd, all the debris will be loaded and taken to the land-fill, "It's a damn shame how this place got to be like this...We are going to make it look as natural as we can, it really is a great piece of property."

Compliance Officer DiCamarillo is hopeful that the property will be put to good use in the future, "It's a real beautiful piece of property that will be even more beautiful when it's all cleaned-up."

Located at 351 W. Aztec Boulevard the 20-acre parcel includes river-front and highway frontage and is currently listed for 1.7 million.


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