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November 30, 2018

by Pilar Owens, TALON

Tuesday night, this reporter tuned in to the conversations happening between citizens, city employees, and commissioners. Individual discussions ended when Mayor Victor Snover called the Local Election Act Workshop to order at 5:34 pm. A recently enacted state law requires the city to adjust it's voting process. The city has two compliance options. The opt-in option puts the county in charge of conducting local elections, which would happen in November of odd-numbered years. The opt-out option leaves the city clerk in charge of local elections, which would happen in March of even-numbered years. Expecting kinks in the opt-in option, the commissioners agreed it's best to see how it works for other cities before they commit to it. The workshop adjourned at 5:54.

During the intermission, conversations resumed, and Mayor Snover greeted the recent arrivals in the back two rows.

At 6:01, Mayor Snover called the city commission meeting to order. After the usual opening ritual, Parks Director Jeff Blackburn came to the podium. He gave a shout-out to the students and staff of Vista Nueva High School who helped his crew set up the luminarias around city hall and Minium Park on Monday. Steve Mueller gave a shout-out to the city employees for winning the Mr. Potato head trophy. Mayor Snover recognized Community Center Director Cindy Iacovetto for the successful community Thanksgiving meal.

The commissioners approved the items on the consent agenda: Minutes for the November 13 Workshop and Meeting, and Finance Department Record Destruction. Next they denied approval of Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-486 An Ordinance to Opt-In, and approved Resolution 2018-1111 Confirming the Continuation of Municipal Election (opt-out.)

During Department Reports, Electric Director Ken George came to the podium. He acknowledged that decorating the city has been accomplished through teamwork, and therefore asked us to thank a city employee when we see one. Also, he wondered if the rumor that the commissioners wanted to ride on the Employee Association's Christmas parade float was true. Commissioner Sipe said that she, Commissioner Lewis, and Commissioner Fry will ride on the float. Mayor Snover adjourned the meeting around 6:21. Then this reporter slipped out of city hall and spent a few moments sprinting around the luminarias and the parking lot. Next meeting is December 11.


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