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November 23, 2018

YAFL- 2018 season

by TALON Staff

The Youth American Football League (YAFL) Aztec Tigers had a great season. They ended with a 6-1 record in regular season, then played in the local area Championship Super Bowl on November 3rd. After the Super Bowl game Coach Cruz Anderson summarized that the coaching staff was proud of all the boys in spite of that loss. They agree the boys played excellent, had heart and fought the entire game. The following weekend the Tigers were one of the three Aztec YAFL teams that went to Albuquerque to participate in the State Tournament. No victories there this year, but in the future winners of state will be eligible to compete in additional tournaments including regional and national.

YAFL Tigers coaching staff is led by Head Coach Charlie Hicks. His support staff includes Jonathon Knight, Cruz Anderson, Robert Archuleta, and Rob Jacquez. Talking to the coaches it seems there is a common theme as to why they coach. Most of them started when they had sons in the program. Coach Knight shares regarding coaching his son, "(It's) Just something I enjoyed even after he went on to junior high and high school, been doing it since". Now, when Knight goes to high school games, he recognizes having coached many of the kids on the field and likes having been a part of their lives. However, that is not the case for Coach Hicks. Anderson and Knight point out, "Charlie doesn't even have kids" but he has 29 on the field, "He's here for the boys".

Anderson summed it up, "It's for the boys, every single one of them". When asked about how playing football in YAFL and school impacted him he responded, "It changed me a lot. It really did". He believes that the values and work ethic helped him be a better person and want to give back to his community, "For the boys".

As the season wraps up and teams plan their awards assemblies Coach Knight comments on the Aztec fan base, "Keep up the good support for the Tigers!" And, added, "Aztec's got a good parent group no matter what age! I want to thank all of them that all support us from second grade and up". Anderson added, "Keep up the good work!"

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