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By Pilar Owens



November 23, 2018



Photo and story by Pilar Owens, TALON

"If you need a cat off a pole, we're the ones that get the call," said Electric Director Ken George. Before coming to work for Aztec, he worked for the Glenwood Springs electric department in Colorado. Ready to advance his career, George applied for the electric department director position in Aztec and began work in July of 1999.

Aztec has around 3200 customers. "And being a small company like ours," said George, " any of those customers can call and talk to me about anything from the pole in their yard to the tree that needs trimming." He also oversees the city's electric system as a whole and ensures that the city receives the power that it buys.

George feels especially proud of two things he has accomplished while director: the contract with Guzman Energy and the city's solar field.

The biggest challenge of his job is hiring and keeping motivated and qualified people. "A small electric utility like ours is a part of the community. My men are part of the community. So the people we serve are our friends and our neighbors not just our customers."


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