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By Jacque Ritchie



November 16, 2018

Aztec Chamber and Local business Leaders Welcome Larivee Counseling to Aztec L-R Elisa Bird,Kezhia Alexander,Clint Dollr,Marie Dollar,Victor Snover, Rebecca Larivee,Nancy Hamilton,Vivian Giles,JR Sykes,Jim Dahlberg,Sandra Lanier,Susan & Willy Aguirre .


By Jacque Ritchie, TALON

The sun shone bright, the air was crisp as local business folks gathered to welcome Rebecca Larivee of Larivee Counseling Services to Aztec's historic downtown neighborhood on Friday, November 9. Larivee hung her new shingle out at 111 West Chaco, just two storefronts west of the Aztec Little Flower Shop. The Aztec Chamber of Commerce organized the event with TALON providing a grand-opening banner. Aztec Little Flower Shop proprietors Susan and Willy Aguirre gifted their new neighbor a colorful bouquet.

A native of the San Francisco Bay area, Rebecca Larivee originally studied archeology at UC Santa Cruz and went on to earn a masters degree from Cambridge University in England. She worked as an archaeologist for a few years saying a little wistfully, "I really did love doing that." Personal experience touched by tragedy led Larivee back to school and into the counseling field. When Larivee's mother was only 37-years-old she passed away after a battle with cancer. The moving portrait of her mother's final journey was the subject of a 1981 book entitled, "The Death of a Woman; How A Life Was Made Complete" by Dr. Jane Wheelwright (St.Martins Press). Larivee studied social work at the University of California at San Francisco and went on to earn her second masters in social work (MSW) including additional training to attain a Licensed Clinical Social Worker certification (LCSW) while in New Mexico.

"I have treated people as young as seven to 87," Larivee said in a recent phone interview with TALON. While Larivee specializes in trauma, grief and "How to work through the grieving process." Larivee also helps people struggling with major life-change like divorce and custody issues, as well as patients suffering from anxiety and depression related to PTSD, bipolar disorder and autism. Larivee also offers help to those affected by sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Larivee told TALON she is forming a women's group that focuses on bonding and support for, "women in transition." The free-of-charge group will meet monthly saying, "women tend to have over-lapping lives" and their shared experiences can be helpful to one-another. When coming together women tend "to bond" Larivee said, that when faced with adversity, "People tend to think that they have to speak to a professional, that is just not true...psychotherapy has only been around for like 150 years." Larivee said before that, people turned to religious leaders or family and friends for support and guidance during difficult times "...being part of a group can be a powerful thing."


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