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November 9, 2018

J.R.’s Corner

Voting is over for a little while, but don’t put your voters card away just yet. Aztec Municipal Schools will hold elections in February and November of 2019. February promises to be about funding, and November will be board members.

Responding to feedback from the community, the popular Aztec Christmas Lighting contest (with prizes) has EXPANDED this year to include private residences as well as commercial operations this year. If you are one of Santa’s Helpers and love to decorate your home, this is the chance to win big ! According to City of Aztec, there will be $250 in utility credit awarded each week to each of the Commercial and Residential lighting contest winners during the month of December.

Another welcome change to this event is the city has opened the voting up to the general public. For now, it appears the city will only have paper ballots available at three city locations. We hope for paper ballots to be available more widely (? at local businesses perhaps? ) by the time voting begins.

TALON Sports Section grows, after only a few weeks of a TALON SPORTS section, the response from the community has been fantastic. Thanks to everyone who sent pictures, story leads, etc. Businesses, this is a chance to get in on the ground floor ! Looks like TALON will have to expand to cover the doings of our local teams, and of course, we can’t do it without your support. Call TALON today to secure your position in this popular section.


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