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November 9, 2018



By TALON Staff

Just over a year ago Urban Rebel Designs opened, a fledgling business, uncertain of what the future held. But, owners Bryan and Sandi Harber decided, "This was something we loved and wanted to start" and are thankful, "It's taken off". They quickly outgrew their Main Street location and recently relocated to 600 NE Aztec Blvd., perhaps more familiarly known as "the old Construction Supply building". Sandi remarks, "It's been amazing!" noting that they already recognize business increasing since the move.

Sandi often fields questions about the origin of the business name. She shares that Bryan's father had a car lot in Knoxville (TN) named Rebel Motors and when pondering names for their business she knew it needed to have the word rebel in it. Wrapped in southern charm and hospitality, Sandi is not what comes to mind when thinking of a rebel!

However, the business does seem to have a bit of a rebel spirit, thriving in an economy that disgruntles many. Urban Rebel's classes are booked for months and they are expanding services in response to the demand. What is the secret to their success? Maybe, it is because they are doing something they both love! Sandi has always enjoyed "junking", searching for unique items in unlikely places, then repairing, restoring, painting and repurposing them. She is a florist, trained by master florists and loves to entertain. She has incorporated all these interests and talents into the business. Bryan still has a few years before he retires but he does a lot to help the business and enjoys junking too. Sandi says when they have free time he eagerly asks, "Where we going today?" While they do look for pieces locally, they prefer to bring in pieces from other areas. Sandi jokes that they are not always sure what they have bought!

One of Sandi's more recent additions to the business is a class that pairs women with power tools. Sandi confides, "I love power tools!" and she wants to teach women that power tools are their friend. Participants use power tools and work on building and painting projects. She believes that, "Women are conditioned to believe they can't use power tools", but, "When they learn how to use them they're unstoppable". Sandi will also begin teaching furniture and kitchen painting classes, as well as floral design classes for the Encore program at San Juan College in 2019.


Tennessee natives, the Harbers have also lived in Utah and on the Washington coast, but they love Aztec. Sandi exclaims, "I decided I'm a desert girl!" Adding, "We're so happy here!" The Harbers are also happy to be in their new business location, excited about the potential it offers with room for growth and plans for the future. She enjoys the close proximity to what she refers to as sister store Renovation Outlaws, explaining "we share help, we share product". Sandi promotes collaboration among businesses, "I send people to other businesses all the time".

Urban Rebel features Dixie Belle paint and networks with other distributors nationwide, Sandi adds, "We always help each other out". The Herber's Urban Rebel is the only New Mexico retailer of Junkyard Goddess Milk Paint. Additionally, Sandi is beefing up her online presence, "We're doing our best!" And, she is obviously having fun doing it!


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