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November 2, 2018


I want to open up this latest “From the Mayor’s Chair” column by recognizing my tardiness recently in taking the time to sit down and put my fingers to the keyboard and produce something worthy of your reading time and promise to try to do better as we move forward into the holiday season.

Much has been happening in our wonderful city lately and I want to take a moment to recognize some of the highlights: there’s a handful of new businesses on our Main Avenue including the 550 Brewing and Pizza Parlor, The Lost Parrot night club (in the Aztec Theater space), Bareknuckles Barbershop on Chaco St. along with the new Pet Grooming shop where Ramsey Realty had been for several years, and the Mattress Shop that has moved into the building where Boston Music Studio used to be. Let us also not forget that Urban Rebel and Aztec Hardware are in new locations just north of downtown and Main Avenue as you head out of town!

It is time for holiday preparation around Aztec and our surrounding communities and ECHO Foodbank is having a food drive to help provide much needed food items to Aztec and surrounding communities. There are collection barrels throughout the city, so please check out our Aztec city website for details and locations of these drop points and please do whatever you are able to do to help those in need during this holiday season.

With so much happening in our area this time of year, I am certain to miss out on mentioning something, but just keep in mind that we, our community, our fellow residents and neighbors, are in this together. So much of what we see and hear and read is about how divided we have become, and I believe there is some truth to that sentiment. However, in my short time as mayor, and in my time teaching JROTC at Aztec High School, I see the willingness to help one another, and the love and compassion that we show each other and our community. It is this show of love and of togetherness that we need to foster and attend to perhaps now, more than ever, and I ask of you just as I ask of myself and my students to look for ways to help others and strengthen these common bonds.

Thanks for reading and I welcome your feedback, ideas, as well as criticisms so please feel free to contact me via email, phone, or even on my Aztec Mayor’s Facebook page.


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