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October 12, 2018

by David Edward Albright, TALON

Under a captivating azure-white cumulus cloud adorned sky, the Aztec Tigers fought their way to victory over their 4A opponent, the Kirtland Broncos on Tuesday, October 9, 2018. Sounding professional from the booth, Kirtland Soccer Coach, Lionel Camacho introduced players from both squads before the 5:00 pm match at Bill Caywood Field.

After a quick Aztec score by Striker Pedro Lucero, assisted by Tim Smith, a battle royale ensued. The Tigers, wearing all white with black numbers, showed tough defense, including the alert play of goalie Ethan Magee --- adeptly making key saves. The ball-control, skill levels and intensity by both teams --- created a balanced, hard-fought contest. The Tigers nearly scored again on a corner kick and shot that sailed over the crossbar. A high-velosity Broncos free kick powered straight into the Tiger goalie's hands. A high Tiger shot ricocheted off the football crossbar behind the soccer goal. As the stadium lights came on, the Tiger goalie made another exceptional save on a strong Bronco shot.

Soccer requires close attention! Look away or get distracted and key action --- goals, shots on goal or great tackles --- will be missed. There's no big screen/instant replay at the high school level. This reporter missed seeing the first Tiger goal, while either grabbing for my camera or making notes. As soccer fans know, scoring is not easy on the 120 by 60-yard field, so every goal is a big thing.

The defensive standoff led to a halftime score of 1-0, Aztec. As the breeze continued and the temperature dropped, the crowd of about 100 cheered on and viewed --- more intense defense, offensive pushes and shots on goal by both squads for the next forty minutes. With greater control of balls in the air, the Tigers captured more possession time in the second half. Their sharp passing and aggressive play to the ball gave them a steady push toward their goal on the East end.

"Last night was the first time we've actually seen them put together those combinations...and that was exciting for me...and man, it was awesome," Parks said about the sweet touch passes and maneuvering by Smith and Lucero that set Vargas up for his two late game scores. As a result of speed, determination and hard work, the Tigers celebrated this important win, propelling them toward their next opponent, Bloomfield.

Stephen Parks, coaching the boys for his third year after the Aztec girls for nine seasons, said, "yeah it was fun...that game was to determine who goes to district...now we're 4-0, which puts us in first place in district." He said he gets asked the question a lot about the difference in coaching boys and girls. "Other than obviously the physical differences, they're pretty much the same --- the only thing different would be the speed of the game," he said, adding, "The girls are fun, these boys are fun, they're a good team...happy all the time...we have talent --- they've been working hard. They took some shots at the beginning of the season...had a really tough preseason schedule...we played the defending state champs (Alamagordo)." He said the "rough losses" showed them what they needed to correct to get prepared for district.

Tigers Roster also includes: Carson Collins, Trent Ketring, Josh Mitchell, Dylan Sexton, Kolton Bruhn, Skyler Bouren, Anthony Aviles, Dalton Madewell, Karson Adcock, Anthony Duncan, Francisco Villegas, Malakai Garcia, Zane Chapman, Brandon Walters, Angelo Lucero and Agel Anchando. Assistant Coach is Bryce Bruhn.


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