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By Pilar Owens



October 12, 2018

Scores equal the sum of points from eight events.

Men’s Classes

Amateur A

1st Chad Thompson, 7337

2nd Jeremiah Giambartolomei, 6278

3rd Casey Head, 6099

Amateur B

1st Cory Black, 5468

2nd Tim Haisman, 5031

3rd Trinidad Vargas, 3812

Amateur C

1st Matthew Burchfield, 4480

2nd Jacob Cowham, 4347

3rd Brandon Benally, 4263

Lightweight A

1st Clint Edwards, 4871

2nd Joel Hegar, 4425

3rd Nathan Holtgrewe, 3912


1st Wayne Staggs, 6659

2nd Mike Parks, 5633

3rd Frank Helme, 5520

Novice Lightweight

1st Shannon Daly, 3858

2nd Pierre Daoust, 3513

3rd Mark Spindler, 3032

Women’s Classes


1st Mona Malec, 5760

2nd Cindy Johnson, 5549

3rd Edie Lindeburg, 5294


1st, Abigail Hawkins, 3234

2nd Shalane Scales, 3216

3rd Kristin Winfrey, 3098


1st Cristine Holtrewe, 5657

2nd Jacqueline Garcia, 4612

3rd Hazel George, 4543


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