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By Pilar Owens



October 12, 2018


by Pilar Owens, TALON

On Tuesday October 9, city officials and citizens gathered at Aztec’s City Hall. They began the evening at 5:16 with a workshop. First, Code Officer Andrew DiCamillo asked the commissioners to consider adopting the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). City Code already has 80-90 percent of the contents of the roughly 32 page IPMC book. However, adopting the IPMC gives the city more authority and helps them to resolve situations like the abandoned, trashed and foreclosed house at 901 Townsend quicker. The commissioners agreed to approve an intent to adopt IPMC at the October 23 commission meeting.

Next, Community Development Director Steven Saavedra asked the commissioners to approve Resolution 2018-1105. It provides a road diet for Main Street: a plan to separate foot, bike, and car traffic and reduce the number of car lanes from four to two. The $436,000 project would be about 85 percent federally funded, and assumes the completion of the Aztec East Arterial Project (a Highway 550 bypass). Saavedra has gotten approval for the road diet from the NM Department of Transportation (NMDOT), who owns NM Highway 550 which travels down Main Street. He asked the commissioners to approve the resolution and to send a letter of support for the project to NMDOT to show that Aztec is serious about the road diet. They adjourned the workshop at 5:56.

Soon after, the commission meeting began. Everyone went through the opening routine without incident. The Commissioners approved the items on the Consent Agenda: Commission Meeting Minutes September 25, 2018 and Resolution 2018-1105 (discussed during the preceding workshop). City Manager Steve Mueller announced the city sponsored ECHO food drive started that day, with collection bins at City Hall and the Library. People can also give money to the Police Department who is working with Safeway to get turkeys for the food drive. The meeting ended at 6:27 pm. Next meeting is October 23.


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