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October 12, 2018



by Gretchen Haley

For these few moments

There is no news to absorb

No tweet to Shake your head at

No lawn to be mowed, car to be washed,

groceries to buy

No solving for x or y; or where to

put your keys

No tracing the smoke, the fire, the wind,

the worry, or the wishing for rain

For this hour, in this space, and in this time

There is only the breathing,

the singing, and

the beginning again in love.

We remember here

the earth that turns

without our pushing

The stars that offered their light

long before we came to see

And this gift of life, this love that is ours

without effort, or earning,

without proof of citizenship,

or positive net worth.

We practice together this surrender

(which is not simple)

to know ourselves already enough

to be worthy of this much beauty

To learn to say again, and again:


Come, let us worship, together.

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