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By Jacque Ritchie


Lady Tigers Show Their Stripes


October 5, 2018

Lady Tiger Varsity team Captain/Homecoming Queen Reigan Weaver comes in for the block at Tuesday's district opener.

By Jacque Ritchie, TALON

Lady Tigers were hungry for victory at the volleyball season's district opener on Tuesday October 2 at AHS. The three squad match-up against the Miyamura Patriots was a regular slam-fest with some surprises. While our varsity girls led by veteran Head Coach Anna Strauss battled valiantly they fell to the Patriots with 1 and 3 record in four sets.

The junior varsity ladies clawed their way to victory in three sets. The first set was a heated neck and neck battle that ended up logging a 25-21 win for the Tigers. During the second set the Pats took the Tigers to task and came away with the win with a score of 21-25, Patriots. Not to be denied the JV Tigers Coach Ericah Boyd rallied her gals for a decisive win in the rubber match going 15-6 bringing their record to 6-1 for the year.

The Cinderella story of the evening had to be the surprise victory of the AHS C Team squad led by first year Coach Vanessa Chavez. Chavez is no rookie when it comes to coaching, bringing 12 years of head coaching experience in Grants and Bloomfield to Aztec. When the teams took the court the Pat's jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead but Chavez urged the team to focus and keep their head in the game. Number 15 Genevieve Tom's explosive serve brought the lady Tigers roaring back for the 25-10 win. Momentum was definitly on the Tiger's side for game two. After an epic battle that featured many hard-fought rallys the Tigers found themselves with a commanding 22-15 lead. The Pat's retook the serve and battled back but could not stop the ferocious Tiger offense who won with a final score of 25-18.

The 12 member Tiger C Team is made up of new-comers to the sport that showed a lot of talent and sportmanship throughout the match. "This is a really empowering experience for these girls," said Coach Chavez, "During the first games, they were not used to being in front of spectators, some of them were just shaking they were so nervous but they have come together really well." Chavez said they have been working very hard at practice on the fundamentals, "They have a really amazing team spirit, and that comes through, they even mentioned it at practice...they said, 'Coach we really clicked' so they are coming together and they can feel it... They have been working on communication on the court and that is all-important in this sport."


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