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October 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

I just finished The Russian Hoax by Gregg Garrett. The book triggered 1957 memories. Dad was transferred to Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland. Shortly after, the family made our first trip to Washington D.C.

We dressed in our finest with Dad in his uniform saluting every American Flag he saw. This adventure must therefore be very special!

Our first stop was the National Archives. We stood at the bottom of a humongous number of steps and looked up at a beautiful and powerful building. The gallery, inside was beyond a a sixth grader’s ability to describe. Just say it was a mouth-opener.

We slow walked to the display case and saw the real Declaration of Independence, the real Constitution and Bill of Rights. For me, the emotions I felt were over whelming. This was not a textbook picture. These documents were something very precious.

The family made numerous visits to the District of Columbia. Our first stop for two years running was the Archives. I was fortunate to return again in 1968, 1980, and 1992. Saying “Hi” to the Constitution always was first on the list.

During the reading of The Russian Hoax I suffered alternating reactions of tears and vomit-able disgust. Misguided people and government servants are perpetrating a crushing disaster on the America way of life.

Our founding documents are fragile in construct. The writers were depending on “The People” being of good character, upright, honest and loyal. That is why the oath uses the words “uphold, defend and support”. All We the people, are the girders and struts in the foundation poured by our founders.

It makes me sick to the core there are people in and out of government treating our founding structures like empty beer cans that can be crushed and discarded.

Before you say anything, Yes, crushed beer cans can be recycled. There is a “but”. Every time materials is recycling process weakens the material and virgin material must be added. In addition, that material might end up as a canoe.

Our system must not be recycled or we could end up a creek without a paddle. So we Must hold tight in the struggle of the resisting current.

S.A. Tinsley, Aztec


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