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By Pilar Owens



October 5, 2018

by Pilar Owens, TALON

"Disclaimer: Wrestling's kind of a crazy sport, right?" said 37-year-old Nate McClain. He started Wrestling around age 12. After high school he moved to Iowa for college. "So Iowa's interesting," he commented ",it's very green, lots of moisture, lots of humidity, very cold in the winter, very hot in the summer, humid. So I'm not really use to all that stuff...Awesome Wrestling though, you know. And that's what originally got me out there."

He remembered one college match where he wrestled a "big guy, huge--upper end of the weight class" but "he just had like one move." McClain got on the mat with him, and lost. But he felt proud because the other wrestler hadn't been able to use his signature move on him.

As competition elevates, so does the number of losses. When McClain got to college he had to redefine success, "to where now it wasn't a matter of about did I win or lose it was like did I wrestle that guy hard enough, right? Was that the best match that I had in me?"

McClain works with wrestlers at Aztec High because he wants to teach them the finer points of Wrestling and motivate them to "get after it."

He said wrestlers have to be completely tough and power through uncomfortable situations. "So translating that over to...kids, and raising a family is being like 'hey sometimes stuff feels uncomfortable, but you...go through it, and make the most of it, even though you don't necessarily want to at that specific time."


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