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September 28, 2018


I just want to express my appreciation about Aztec School’s Superintendent Kirk Carpenter, taking what I feel is an appropriate stand, to Nike’s support of disrespecting the American Flag. While I recognize what Kaepernick, and others are trying to express, I do not think that the NATIONAL and AMERICAN Football Leagues are the appropriate place to voice those opinions. The very names of the organizations indicate their origin and should also indicate their source of support. As a player, if that rubs you wrong, then do not accept that multi-million-dollar contract! Most people work their entire life to make what many players make in a year. If “players” want to protest something, do that after making a lot of money and leave the league.

Granted, maybe none of our individual agendas are specifically addressed in articles drafted over 200 years ago (Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights). A lot has changed. And, I understand that there are demographic and cultural changes. I know there is injustice, and areas that could be improved. But, at the same time I am reminded of the wisdom of the Bible (Matthew 12:25), “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined”. And, Lincoln’s June 1858 speech noted for the phrase, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. It seems as a country we are growing and embracing diversity. I am sure we have not reached perfection, because that may be an impossibility, but I believe as a nation we are trying. However, if we begin to focus and protest every inequality it seems that we are divided, ruined, and cannot stand.

Personally, I have been doing some Aztec resident soul searching. After learning more about Aztec I recognize we really have always had residents here that really make a difference. And, we have a rich history. I have wanted to spark something in Aztec that makes it more resemble the town that was once voted the All-American City in 1963.

I challenge YOU! I have wanted for OUR city to have a designation again. Maybe I need to clarify that, I have wanted our city to have a POSITIVE designation again. Ironically, I have actually WANTED to challenge Aztec residents to be United States FLAG FLIERS, maybe set a record for homes with U.S. flags? We flew one from in front of our home from 9.11.01 until we moved in 2014. We have not flown one since our move in 2014. Not because we do not want to, but because we have been lazy!

My personal story, I have several ways I drive home. The one that I LOVE is a route that involves several homes that have flags. I had already wanted to present this idea to Aztec residents in some format. BUT, I think Aztec School Superintendent has just positioned us to be something more than a 1963 remnant, but a 2018 pro-active community. Superintendent Kirk Carpenter indicated the United States American Flag still has meaning to Aztec residents- let’s shows Aztec, and America, what’s up! - Lisa Bailey, Aztec


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