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By Pilar Owens




September 28, 2018


by Pilar Owens, TALON

The September 25 Aztec City Commission lasted for close to four hours. Commissioners present were Mark Lewis, Victor Snover, Sherri Sipe, and Rosalyn Fry. Commissioner Austin Randall was absent. Commissioner Lewis gave the invocation. Soon after, the commissioners reached Item VI on the agenda, Proclamation of National Manufacturing Day. Mayor Snover read the proclamation which named October as National Manufacturing Month, in recognition of the manufacturing industry’s strong presence in New Mexico. After approving the agenda, the commissioners moved to Item IX Employee Recognition. Mayor Snover thanked Aztec Parks Director Jeff Blackburn for orchestrating the September 22 clean up at one of Aztec’s arches in observance of National Public Land Day. On the consent agenda were Commission Meeting Minutes September 11, 2018; Resolution 2018-1104 Municipal Surplus; Bid 2019-663 Western Red Cedar Poles. All items passed commissioner approval. For Business Item A Aztec Museum Request for Funding, the commissioners decided to award $10,000 to Aztec Museum for operating costs. Item B Intent to Adopt Ordinance 2018-483 Amending Chapter 26, Article III, Division 2 Communications Tower and Antenna passed commissioner approval. Next were four land use hearings: Oil and Gas Application 18-02, 18-03, 18-04, and 18-05. After presentations from Aztec’s Director of Community Development, a Hilcorp representative, and residents, the commissioners discussed among themselves each application. Applications 18-02 and 18-03 were approved with some added provisions. Applications 18-04 and 18-05 were tabled until October 23 so the commissioners could make more informed decisions. The meeting then adjourned.


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