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By Kirk Antonio
Special to TALON 



September 21, 2018

By Kirk Antonio, Special to TALON

Aztec (2-2) 32

Bayfield 6

11 a.m it is 81 degrees and climbing here at Hartman Park. Good, sweaty football weather.. donning their trademark black and orange, Aztec is ready. 14-0 first quarter. Bayfield, very competitive, communication on both sides of the ball. There is one edge though, Aztec is very prepared for this game.It will be a duel. Key players and talent. Cortez coaches Jarrod Wyatt and Justin Schmitt executing key ‘ chess-like’ moves. Aztec tiger Lolo Lorenzo has other ideas...mainly his emphasis is ‘Touchdown”. Cheers and cars honking when touchdowns were made. Three flags were the only hiccups Aztec was call for. Still they carried themselves with the utmost sportsman like conduct. One minute 10 seconds left. 32-6. Cortez loses. The older 5th graders were there supporting the younger Tigers. They enjoyed a ‘bye’ week. Both sides showed exqusite excellant teamwork. 5 touchdowns.. plus the extra points. Aztec Tigers. That football had a workout! The pigskin was thrown, smashed, passed and smacked..HARD to the ground when a touchdown occured. The football... wonder what it would be thinking? “ oh lord... I’ve been kicked, slammed and my wife (the soccerball) has the nerve to say “ how’s your day”?! Blackeyed and smiling. The football would probably say...” The CROWD CHEERED”! eleven players on each side decided to smash and slam each other around. Aztec Tiger football. Statebound people.


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