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September 21, 2018

By Kirk Antonio. Special to TALON.

Aztec Apes 33

Bayfield Wolverines 0

Mindboggling that the east coast is getting to know Mrs. Florence. Over here in Beautiful Aztec... 81 degrees and climbing, lots of sweat! Gatorade a very essential necessity. Cortez looking great and intimidating. Well, Aztec has been coordinnating and practicing...HARD. Jennifer Pearce from Cortez summed it up “it’s gonna be a good fight”! It was. Ramming speed. Hat’s off to the Refs. The Aztec run game. The Aztec passing game. Brutal, smart...fast ...and tricky. clicking, functioning and teamwork. Blocking. yup... there it is... a juke. As the Bayfield player fell and stared... Aztec’s #24 Koby “sunshine” running in for the score. more touchdowns to come. week before, Cami ‘icebox’ had a fumble recovery. well deserved, for women’s rights week. She can HIT. She must of lit a huge fire under the team’s Ego. These Tigers are going to work. Poor Refs had their work cut out for them. Halftime...Coaches doing the guidance thing. Other side...Well, let’s just say ‘Discipline’!!! As Aztec gained more and more confidence, they turned that pigskin into a dance partner. Well done! By the way, the concession stand was better than the local fast food joints. Jalapenos and nacho cheese. Touchdown. Touchdown. and more Touchdowns. Excellent Saturday. That’s football. A very interesting ocean of emotions.Cheers and honking. Good job Parents.


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