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September 21, 2018

#15 Bart Waldron secures his tackle .

By Jessica Selph, TALON

Tiger defense fights to take the Scorps down.

Friday September 14th brought Aztec Tigers to Farmington's turf. Coming off of two losses this was a big game for the Tigers but yet again the game did not go in our favor. The majority of the game was tit for tat, holding the score board at an even keel. The Tigers seemed to be a match for the Scorps, even holding the lead for a few shining moments. Then came the fourth quarter, where the game turned into a gridiron battle for the books. There was less than a minute to go, Tigers make it into the end zone giving us a one point lead, excitement was high, we thought we had the win but the very next play gave Farmington reason to celebrate. A 90 yard touchdown from the kick return left the Tigers less than 40 seconds to make a comeback. The race against the clock and a game ending injury for Dyllon Whitaker sealed the deal on another loss for the Tigers. Final score was 32-27 with FHS for the win.


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