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September 21, 2018


I was deeply saddened by the most recent issue of the Talon in which I found on the back page, couched in an appeal for contributions to a 25th anniversary edition, an image I suppose was meant to be Donald Trump. At least I think it was him. I sat and looked and looked. As an artist I was disturbed by it’s misrepresentation of the man. It showed all sorts of virtuous qualities I know do not exist in our current top dog. This image showed a man who looked kind and generous. Well, I know for a fact that neither of these traits live in our president. The illustration also attempted to fill me with a sense of a man who is benevolent and wise. Again these sympathies are simply non-existent in Donald Trump. I know it. You know it. In fact, its seems this image was meant to go far beyond just applying lipstick to the pig, so to speak. It attempted to spin my impression of the man into something fake, someone who, despite the artist’s best effort, did in no way portray the man now lolling out of control in the muck that is the White House, aka “the swamp”. But in that sense, your mis-portrayal means you have fallen in line. You have done his bidding in your own small way and you’ve done it well.

I don’t know who the heroic looking man was on page 13 of your last issue. But it was not the man you intended it to be. Donald Trump is not heroic. Shame on you Talon. You have now contributed to the fake world of Donald Trump.

Ron Pease, Aztec


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